Greetings from Shakti Ranch!

A year ago I moved to a 5-acre ranch in the Malibu mountains so that my children and I can experience the healing properties of living amidst nature, animals, and the spirit of the Chumash Indians that once inhabited this sacred land.  This has been a journey of the heart and, ultimately, towards my soul path.  I have named my new home and business Shakti Ranch because it represents a return to love and devotion to a spiritual path...for me and for others.  My intention is for Shakti Ranch to be a venue for practitioners in the healing arts to hold full or half-day retreats.  And I will be continuing to work with clients in either group or individual yoga therapy sessions.  There have been new beginnings and some shedding of the past for us all in recent years; my desire is to be in conversation with you about these winds of change and how I can best serve you in your unique process to navigate all that life offers.  

Please checkout the Events and Musings pages to see what's happening here at the ranch ;)

I look forward to seeing you each at Shakti Ranch!

Shakti Love,

Natalie Riggs

Shakti Ranch
25615 Mulholland Highway
Malibu Valley, CA 91302

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