10:00 AM10:00

Yoga and Meditation with Horses

Yoga and guided meditation with a herd of horses (including my therapy mare, Sophie!) in a serene setting in Malibu. Remember your own animal nature and open your heart through an embodied yoga practice, meditation with mantra, and an equine therapy exercise in the pasture. Deep listening and honoring of Father Sky and Mother Earth will be the theme as we drop into our sentient bodies and elevate our consciousness within the celestial realm of the horses. Bring your yoga mat & water bottle (please wear closed-toe shoes). This is a weekly workshop on Sunday's. Register in advance or drop-in. $40 cash or Venmo @Natalie-Riggs

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The Bodyful Mind class with Doreen Rivera
3:00 PM15:00

The Bodyful Mind class with Doreen Rivera

"When you move muscle, you move emotion.  It's that simple." ~ Doreen Rivera
How many times as you go about the course of your day, running errands, going to the market, or perhaps during a movement class, do you find yourself in feelings that seem unrelated what you are doing; that do not make sense or feel 'appropriate'?  You may wonder, 'How did I get here?' It's simple, when you move muscle , you move emotion.  

Doreen Rivera, creator of 'The Bodyful Mind' has over two decades of experience facilitating her trademarked Bodyful Mind classes and workshops and four decades working in the health and wellness industry as a movement teacher.  Her work has been the inspiration for many exercise programs, videos, and books. 


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9:30 AM09:30

Kundalini Yoga & Community - Monday's 9:30am

Join the radiant Elizabeth Hartman and I for heart-centered and soul inspired Kundalini Yoga on Monday, July 6th 9:30am here at Shakti Ranch.  It will be divine and we will have tea and treats following the well as time to run and play with the goats, sheep, dogs, & chickens :)  This is where your 'wilding' begins and it will feel sooo good!  Shakti love, nr

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9:00 AM09:00

Shakti Ranch Medicine Wheel Ceremony with Tashina Bos

Initiation of Shakti Ranch

Sunday, May 17th 9am-1pm at Shakti Ranch

25615 Mulholland Hwy. Malibu, CA 91302

Lunch will be served

Exchange: $40 per soul, click HERE to reserve.

Please join me in the initiation of my new home and business, Shakti Ranch. Amidst 5 bucolic acres in the Malibu mountains, my desire is to steward Shakti Ranch as a sacred space for healers and seekers to do their work to transform hearts & lives.  I’m so excited to share my home and soul path, Shakti Ranch, with you and to have you experience an authentic Native American Indian Medicine Wheel ceremony….This will be a hands-on experience, so bring your prayers & intentions!

We will have the honor of experiencing a Cherokee Native American Indian, Tashina Bos, as she carries the wisdom and permission of the elders to bless the land at Shakti Ranch. Tashina is a gifted medicine woman that has held ceremony under strict instruction from the elders in her tribe as well as facilitated healing retreats for over two decades….She is a force and I know you will receive so much in this powerful ceremony where your prayers will be utilized and captured in the ceremonial process through prayer flags that will become a permanent fixture at Shakti Ranch via the Medicine Wheel we will create together.  

Shakti Love,

Natalie Riggs

The Cherokee Medicine Wheel

excerpts by Jutlia Atli

The Medicine Wheel is a widely used ceremonial and religious device that is used among and understood by many Native peoples and varies from tribe to tribe. The Wheel basically represents the sacred directions of the cosmos and the religious beliefs and beings associated with them, it represents us at the center and then illustrates that all worlds, states, and beings are greatly affected by the myriad of forces all around and within us - It represents those very forces and states and worlds. But it can and does also represent us in different places; we can travel the Wheel since it also represents life stages and such. We are created by, balanced between, and destroyed by the primary forces represented on the Wheel.

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