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At Shakti Ranch we work with everyone from military veterans to therapists to adults and children navigating emotional challenges to women looking for their soul's purpose. All are welcome here.


I never imagined that it was possible to connect a yoga practice on horseback. Thanks to Natalie Riggs I saw how powerful and relevant work it can be. She has been such a a great facilitator and teacher. Her experience, her shining  presence and her tremendous patience and awareness have made this journey a blast for me and I ll recommend it to anyone who wants to discover about themselves , riders or not . Bonus : Natalie has a long beautiful relationship with her lead mare, Sophie, which makes the work even more authentic and positive. Thank you both.

- Tessa de Baudinière

My Name is Matthew Fiorenza and I’m a Firefighter/paramedic for a large agency in Southern California. I’ve been on the Job for 17 years and have responded to thousands of emergency calls. Around the 15 year mark I began to experience severe PTSD and an injury caused me to have surgery. I became very depressed and could not escape my thoughts of suicide. I tried many different avenues of treatment but one of the most important healing treatments was Natalie’s Equine Therapy. I cannot express enough gratitude for how much my work with Natalie helped me get through a process of letting go of many different problems that I had buried deep down since childhood. The connection I felt with the horses was a truly spiritual experience and I will never forget the day I spent with Natalie in Malibu. Her professionalism and knowledge is expressed in an encouraging and loving way. I would highly recommend Natalie as an Equine Therapist to family and friends. Since spending time with Natalie and the horses I’ve returned to full duty at the Fire Department and I am enjoying my life. My family and I are forever grateful.

- Matt Fiorenza

My experience doing yoga on horseback with Natalie and her sweet angelic horse Sophie was absolutely life changing.
I serendipitously met Natalie and Sophie when I was hiking in malibu and the words "I just need a spiritual outlet involving animals and I need healing" had just come out of my mouth as i was chatting with my mother, when all of a sudden i see this glowing woman on her beautiful horse! Natalie was kind enough to let us visit with Sophie on our hike and explained her offerings of horseback yoga. Natalie was so easy to approach, calm, empathetic and open in our initial meeting (and Sophie was too) so I knew I just had to try it and it was meant to be.

I can't even put into words how much deep healing and powerful visualizations I experienced while in savassana pose on Sophie's back. I felt warmed by the sun, supported by Sophie and guided by Natalie. Natalie provided me with helpful poses to use to clear blockages and encourage balance in the face of my imbalances mostly stemming from my PCOS and compassion fatigue at the time. She was able to focus in on my stagnant energy and the reason for it right away. She provided me with helpful visualizations and exercises to incorporate into my own personal work as a healer and caregiver that i still use today over a year later. I continued seeking peace and healing from Natalie after that initial session and will certainly be back.

I encourage anyone who is looking to gain some self-awareness, moments of serenity and feel more connected to nature and animal spirit to check out Natalie's amazing services. She is a beautiful soul, a true healer and is so comfortable to be around. I am grateful for the support I've received from her!  

- Jenna Bollard, Music & Art Therapist

Natalie is loved by many; not just because she is a talented kundalini yoga therapist or a gifted Equine Guided Educator…Natalie has the ability to help each person she works with to see the best in themselves and others.  When she walks into a room, people are drawn to her.  She carries an essence of beauty and grace that was forged through her commitment to helping others see their own beauty and light.  Natalie has led the yoga at my annual Women’s Transformation Retreat here in Colorado for the past 4 years and everyone loves and appreciates her serene and feminine nature.  Working with Natalie has been a pleasure because she comes from a place of collaboration and the desire to create an atmosphere of love and acceptance whether working with clients that have extensive yoga experience or are absolute beginners.  I would not dream of hiring any other yoga instructor or equine therapist for my women’s retreats!

- Julie McAfee, Women’s Empowerment Coach

Natalie and Sophie gifted me a very transformative experience! Whether you are totally inexperienced with horses or an experienced rider, I cannot recommend a Yoga on Horseback session enough. Sophie is a very settled, grounded, and reflective horse. She and Natalie have a strong connection with each other and make a beautiful team with so much to offer. This was so much more than just combining yoga with being on a horse. Natalie and Sophie helped me ground into my body and really get in touch with myself, including an injured area of my hip and some difficult parts of my life that actually manifested in our session. I released a lot of 'stuff' that I've been holding onto, and Sophie gave me the gift of feeling the support of another sentient being in a profound way. I do ride horses very frequently-but they are very jumpily and easily scared, so I'm always on edge when riding. I recently had a bad fall, and Sophie really helped me let go of being so cautious while riding because she is so safe and trustworthy...I was able to drop into myself. Natalie was an amazing guide and let the session unfold naturally. Even if you don't have experience, please gift yourself the presence of this healing horse and human! Totally safe and in my opinion, a no-brainer! I will definitely be back to work with Natalie and Sopie in the next few weeks, and will make it a regular habit...and the ocean views are a major plus. Lovely and peaceful location.

                                                                                                                                                     - Nisha